Recommended Binary Options Brokers

When you’re on the lookout for the right brokerage service to complement your specific needs, it can be difficult to know where to start. For that reason, we’ve compiled a review of two of our recommended binary options brokers, complete with details about their basic structures and fees, so that you have a safe and effective place to start.


US binary options broker FinpariOne of the most secure players in the realm of binary options is Finpari, which was created in 2014. One of the most impressive features of this company is their lightning-fast withdrawal windows, only 1 hour long. With a plethora of assets to invest in and even fun contests in which you could win up to $20,000, this provider is innovative and unique in the things that they offer to their clients.

In addition to their trading features, new traders can learn about their craft through Finpari’s ample educational resources and technical tools. Finpari also offers world-class customer support, making it easy to get in touch when you have a question or a concern about your account or the platform that you are using.

Currently, Finpari is available to traders who reside in the United States, although it is located in the UK. Traders from all over the world can also use the outstanding tools from Finpari. Finpari allows payments to be made or withdrawals to be taken out using PayPal, most credit cards, wire transfers, Bitcoin, and many other ways.

Finpari Trading Platform

Finpari uses the SpotOption software, provides a 90% return maximum, matches with a 100% bonus and up to $250 in sign-on bonuses, has a low minimum investment of $1 and low minimum deposit of $250, accepts four major currencies, and provides mobile access. Currently, Finpari has a maximum investment amount of $1,500.

Finpari Minimum Deposit

With three basic account types to choose from, Finpari has flexibility that is unparalleled. It is one of the most highly recommended binary options brokers available on the market.


BinarymateLike Finpari, BinaryMate is registered in the UK and is another great option for those looking at recommended binary options brokers. This company opened up in 2016 and sought regulation within the UK, which means that they have some of the strictest guidelines keeping them in check. Traders from all over the globe can use this service.

In addition to wonderful customer support tools like live video chat that is available any time, BinaryMate offers a fully customized trading platform that is proprietary, meaning that they have built it with their clients’ needs in mind.

BinaryMate’s clients will also discover a wealth of resources designed to educate and inform them. These include analytical tools, guides from some of the most successful binary options traders around, and access to current market events that can impact trades.

BinaryMate Video Live Chat

At the moment, BinaryMate has a maximum return rate of 90%. They offer 100% bonuses, as well as a sign-on bonus of $250. Their minimum deposit stands at $250, while their minimum investment is only $1. They have a fairly high maximum investment value of $10,000. Like Finpari, BinaryMate trades in four primary currencies, although they do not offer a mobile platform for their clients.

BinaryMate Trading Platform

Final Thoughts

While it an be tough to navigate the world of binary options brokers, our list of recommended binary options brokers includes some of the best companies on the market today. Consider trying out one of the demonstrational accounts offered by these companies to experience their top-quality tools and services for yourself or do some independent research to determine whether one of these companies might be a great fit for your personal needs as a binary options trader.

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