Regulated Binary Options Brokers

Regulated Binary Options BrokersWhile there has been a lot of news around the binary options market over the past few months, one of the biggest changes that will affect traders across the globe is the addition of Banc De Binary to the FSA in the United Kingdom, which also means Plus 500 is going to be added to the market as one of the regulated binary options brokers.

There are three top binary options brokers in the current marketplace, which include 24Options, Banc De Binary, and AnyOption. Of these three, Banc De Binary will be the only one to be included as a regulated binary options broker.

Several years ago, a number of the binary options brokers on the market registered offshore in a number of places. At the end of last year, however, Banc De Binary parted from the norm and ceased their practice of taking on clients from the United States, as they were beginning to get into negotiations with the CFTC. Then in February of this year, they were able to complete the FSA registration process, which will allow them to be more directly in competition with many of the other brokerage service providers available.

At the moment, Banc De Binary is open to taking on investors who are located in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. While this means that they will no longer serve customers from other countries, it does mean that they will also be able to more effectively serve members from participating countries while enjoying a deeper sense of security for those clients.

Currently, 24Option is also in the process of registering with CySEC and Plus500 will soon be gathered in with FSA, as well. These changes may lead to a higher number of top regulated binary options brokers being available for binary options traders to use.

With all of the changes that are taking place as once, many of the investors who trade using these tools have voiced concern about the security of their accounts, especially due to the problems happening in Cyprus. However, the slow but sure work of creating more regulated binary options brokers can add peace of mind to many investors who are active in the world of binary options.

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