Binary Options Types List

Binary Options TypesWhen you are first getting started in investing through binary options, it can be difficult to know about all of the various binary options types that you can trade. To help with this, we’ve included a list of the top binary options types that you might encounter:


Among experienced traders, this is one of the most commonly used binary options types. When you trade in indices, you’re making predictions about the exchanges for some of the largest sets of stocks in the world. Investors can set up trades on most indices, but the most familiar in binary options are the Dow Jones, CAC 4, and NASDAQ. It can be beneficial for traders looking to use indices to know that they never had to actually purchase a share from a given company to participate in a trade of this sort.

Currency-Based Trades

Many binary options investors have found that they enjoy playing two currencies against each other, which can help them to make a regular profit on a daily basis. This is even one of the most beneficial binary options types to trade when you plan on taking a trip and need to purchase or exchange currency. Traders are flexible in which currencies that they want to match up, and there are even some options for traders who are interested in trading against Bitcoin currencies, although this is currently limited to being paired with the US dollar.


When you want to benefit from the ever-changing value of commodities without purchasing them directly, you can use a binary option to do so. Some of the most common commodities traded on are precious metals like gold or copper, but even oil can be traded on as a commodity. This is perhaps one of the top binary options types internationally.

Stocks and Shares

Some investors like to stick within the realm of their knowledge and with binary options in stocks and shares, you can do just that. Instead of dealing with stocks in the long term by purchasing them outright, investors who use binary options can benefit from small changes in the value of a stock without placing all of their funds on the line. Shares are available from small to large companies including Disney and Toyota, and can even be traded for social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. When you have an in-depth knowledge of several companies, you can use your knowledge to financial gain using binary options.

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